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When performing the triceps extension exercise with a high pulley, make sure the elbows stay glued to the sides. This will keep the arms from moving away from the body and help stimulate the triceps muscle harder.  The farther the arms sway or move forward,  the easier the exercise


The faster one moves throughout the workout - the greater the  workout intensity and overall systemic effect.  To maximize cardiovascular stimulation, take no break between exercises.











Focus on squeezing out repetitions rather than pulling or pushing weights. By doing this the contraction to the muscle is greater which can lead to better strength gains


 A great arm cycle would be to perform a set of negatives chins followed immediately by a set of bicep curls followed by  a set of negative only dips followed by a set of triceps extension. Try to take no breaks between the exercises.

Allow for adequate recovery between workouts, at least 48 hours.  For advanced trainees 96-120  hours of rest should be sufficient.


When performing barbell rows, utilize an underhand grip. This places your biceps in  stronger position and allows you to work your latissimus dorsi muscles harder. Always pause in the top position and try to pinch your shoulder blades together.













Weekly training tips to help you get the most out of your workouts:

Genetics play the largest part in your overall response to exercise.  Train hard, eat right, and rest, and let your natural ability take over.

Training with a partner is a great way to stay motivated and get more out of your workouts.


Mix it up from time to time  - a little variety in the weight room can go a long way, but too much variety can halt progression


Try a push -pull time format in your workouts. A pushing movement such as a press immediately into a pulling movement such as a Leg curl, and alternate.  This type workout - with no rest, will stimulate your cardiovascular system as well as your muscles




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