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  Head trainer, Owner:

















Sunir Jossan is the head trainer and owner of the Personal Edge. He has a Masters degree in Exercise and over 25 years of fitness training and programming. He has written numerous fitness articles, and has helped contribute on a few books published by his peers. Sunir regulary chats with some of the top strength coaches in the country on both  the Collegiate and Professional level.  He is Superslow certified, and certified as a SWAT Fitness Specialist. He is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.
























TRAINERS  and Friends in the Field:


BRYZCKI- MATT       Author of over 13 Fitness Books. Princeton University

SIKORA - BOB          Medx rep, Advanced Strength Trainer - Nautilus era

HOBSON - TYLER     Pendulum Strength Solutions -Advanced Strength Trainer

PHILBIN - JOHN       Author, Strength Coach Washington Nationals ,                             

ASANOVICH -MARK  Former Strength Coach Jacksonville Jaguars

PANTALL - BRAD      Assistant Strength Coach, Penn State

FREEMAN -REGGIE   Torobics, Advanced Instructor and Motivational Speaker

SCHWABE -ROGER   Author, Mainline Fitness Owner, Advanced Strength Trainer

PIONZIO - JOHN      Superslow instructor, advanced trainer

ROACH - RANDY      Author,  PRFIT, Advanced Strength trainer

BRYAN  - JIM           Bryan Strength and Conditioning, Advanced Strength trainer

FORNICOLA - FRED  Author, Advanced Strength trainer

GITTLESON-  MIKE   Former Univeristy of Michigan Strength Coach

VORKAPICH - MIKE   Strength Coach, Michigan State University

ROGUCKI -BOB         Strength Coach, Baltimore Ravens

KNAVY - TOM           Former Strength Coach Minnesota Vikings, Philadephia Eagles

SCOTT- DOUG          Pingry High School, New Jersey

RATH -TED              Assistant Strength Coach, Detriot Lions

WOOD - KIM            Former Strength coach Cincinnatti Bengals

FLANAGAN-JIM        Medx, Nautilus and Arthur Jones era

RILEY-DAN              Former NFL Strength Coach Washington Redskins

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