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Progressive strength training is the most effective way to increase muscle mass, reduce unwanted bodyfat and maintain your fitness level. 

Instructors at The Personal Edge work with each client to develop a program to meet his or her health and fitness goals. Clients progress is constantly monitored and feedback is given regularly.



At the Personal Edge,  we utilize  intense strength training protocols. The focus is on the  quality of exercise work rather than total quantity.  All workouts adhere to the following philosophy:


Intense Workouts: Each exercise of every workout is performed until momentary failure of the muscle occurs.  This is the best way to  achieve maximum growth stimulation  and optimize strength gains. Each workout exercises all major muscle groups of the body.


Brief Workouts:  All workouts are of a high intensity in nature. When working to such degree, you literally can not exercise for more than 20 -30 minutes minutes, as your overall system fatigues very quickly. Some advanced subjects require even less total workout time.


Infrequent Workouts: Once the required stimulus is applied to the body (a brief but intense muscular workout),  your body needs adequate time to rest and recover and to allow the adaptations to take place in your muscles and bones. Most people require a minimum of 72 hours rest between workouts; therefore, exercising no more than once or twice a week is required. Many see this required rest period as a huge benefit, because they do not have to spend hours in the gym every week.


Minimizing  of Steady State Activity: We believe that most people put too much emphasis on steady state activities  such as running, "aerobics", spinning, tae-bo, etc for the purpose of exercise. This repetitive stress can be dangerous and largely ineffective for the increasing of muscular strength and overall  fat loss. For one,  these activities burn very few calories (about 100 calories per mile run) during or after performing the activity. Second, most steady state activities do not build any significant lean muscle mass - in fact, excessive running, biking, etc.. can act to break down your muscles and make the body weaker, not stronger.  Third, most steady state activities are very high force and extremely repetitive in nature.  This can cause massive trauma and injury to your shins, back, neck, etc.  At the Personal edge we believe that the best way to get to the cardiovascular system is through working the muscles and the best way to get to the muscles is through utilizing high intensity training techniques and the  slow controlled repetition speed.


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